Watch the EWD Training Video or follow the steps below.

Tap to open the Sentinel App
Complete the driver declaration and tap "Continue"
Tap "WORK" to start your work shift.
You may be asked to "Confirm Previous Events". A good practice is to press "CANCEL" and "REVIEW" all previous events to make sure they are correct

*Review the Events Edit Guide for further information on how to edit work/rest events.

Read carefully, you are about to submit your work and rest record. Once you have submitted it, it cannot be corrected.
You must enter the vehicle odometer and all required information each time you change your work/rest status. Tap the boxes to open the keyboard, type and press "OK".
You can see your work hours in the middle of the circle.
You can see when your next rest break is due.
Tap the box to see your rule summary, this information is very helpful to plan your day.
Press "REST" when you are ready to take your break. You will see your resting time in the middle of the circle once you change your status.