Tailored Transport Compliance

Safeguard your fleet, assets, and business

In the eyes of the Australian Law, a fleet-managed vehicle is considered a workplace and therefore must strictly uphold with Australia’s Work Health and Safety Act. As a result, a duty of care is imposed on businesses and fleet/logistics managers to ensure compliance. Our state-of-the-art software takes into consideration Australia’s ever-changing laws and regulations so you can remain hands on where it matters.

Implement Proactive Measures to Remedy Risk or Hazard
Threshold-based real-time speed warnings.
Real-time Vehicle Conditions & Driver Behaviour

Create a culture of safety for your company at your fingertips

Driver fatigue management is a crucial consideration for all operation managers, however, is often overlooked. Visible Solutions’ real-time driver fatigue system provides your drivers and fleet operators with peace of mind.


Boasting real-time alerts, automated logging, detailed reporting, and simplified communication, Visible’s comprehensive fatigue management software ensure your drivers are safe and your fleet is compliant with government standards.


“If a driver falls asleep at the wheel, for a mere 4 seconds, whilst travelling at 100 km/hr, then the vehicle will travel a further 111 metres without a driver in control.”


With a combination of comprehensive market knowledge and experience, Visible Solutions offers bespoke world-class fleet management solutions for your small, medium, or large enterprise.

Data Analytics & Reports

Grant access to millions of kilometres of data with a few simple clicks.

Fuel Tax Credit (FTC)

Remove inaccurate estimates and averages from manual processes.

Fleet Tracking & Monitoring

Access the whereabouts of your fleet utilising real-time GPS technology.


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