Dashcam & AI Camera Solutions

Empower efficiency with state-of-the-art AI Camera & Dashcam Solutions

Visible’s industry leading dashcam and multi-camera solutions offers your fleet and drivers unrivalled protection. Sporting built-in geometry sensors, infrared technology and unprecedented low-light adaptations, see how Visible has a AI camera solutions for your fleet. 

Self-Managed Activities

Designed to improve the safety of drivers and their on-road behaviour with real-time footage and analytics.

Monitoring Activities

Captures and analyses every second of road time for you to see the events and incidents that matter most.

Dashboard & Analytics

Access footage direct from your office – no need to get into the vehicle and and sort through hours of footage.

Improve driver safety with the latest AI camera technology.


Our high-definition camera solutions are continuously recording your fleet’s journeys to capture and analytically report; driver distraction, driver fatigue, speeding, or the unfortunate event of a collision. Our smart camera solutions are high-definition systems that capture rolling footage, while triggering events via internal sensors, from harsh usage to speeding. Using an advanced portal, fleet managers are granted with real-time footage as events occurs, all from the comfort of the office.


With a combination of comprehensive market knowledge and experience, Visible Solutions offers bespoke world-class fleet management solutions for your small, medium, or large enterprise.

Data Analytics & Reports

Grant access to millions of kilometres of data with a few simple clicks.

Fuel Tax Credit (FTC)

Remove inaccurate estimates and averages from manual processes.

Fleet Tracking & Monitoring

Access the whereabouts of your fleet utilising real-time GPS technology.


See how Visible Solutions can offer a bespoke solution for your fleet